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Founded in 1968 by the siblings Mario and Francesco D'Amico, the D&D Italia Company, with its brand D'Amico, Logrò e Montello, is among the main Italian companies operating in the field of preserved vegetables business and today is in its third generation.
At the beginning, the Company set up its business activity by producing “Anchovies from the Amalfi Coast”, then, in the course of time, they turned to the preservation of vegetables, mushrooms and olives, building up a wide range of products. Today's core business is constitute by: vegetables preserved in oil, pickles, olives, condiments, dippings, organic and conventional cereals and legumes, pasta sauces and pesto sauces.
Over the years the D'Amico Company: BRC, IFS, ORGANIC, OHSAS 18001 and UNI EN ISO 22000 certified, distinguished itself with high quality standards in processing and services, careful selection of raw material, constant research into new products and new production methods, technologically advanced production systems and customer service.
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