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A.C.S.A. Steel Forgings SpA

A.C.S.A. Steel Forgings S.p.A. was founded in 1935 by family Colombo and today we are at its 4th generation.
We are located in the north of Italy (very closed to Milan Malpensa airport)
We are experts in closed die hot steel forgings and we work for different sectors: from automotive to agriculture, earth movement, Oil&Gas, aerospace, marine, railway, machinery construction and others.
Regarding our production we have 10 lines of presses ranging from 1.600 Ton to 6.300 Ton, capable of producing parts from 0,5 to 130 Kg (including 3 twisting presses), 2 lines of hammers up to 25.000 Kgm, capable of producing parts up to 250 Kg and 3 lines of hot extrusions.
A.C.S.A. Steel Forgings exports about 70% of its production and we export our products all over the world (consolidated Countries are Europe, USA and Mexico). We work with the most important OEM in the world since a lot of years.
In house we build all the toolings and the dies we need in order to guarantee the quality, flexibility and satisfaction of our Customers.
Since two years we are introducing Industry 4.0: we began with the introduction of Lean management and the MES implementation in our production department. We are interest in Brazil country
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