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Our company offers digital services on the proper web platform for the creation of multimedia labels (new digital media) for niche agri-food products, therefore of high quality, for which the story is an indispensable element for the actual communication and marketing. The idea behind the service aims to provide valuable information to the Consumer (with advanced media tool) while giving him the opportunity to buy the product from his table ("Info" and "Buy me" process). The "Info" and "Buy me" process of the product by the product takes place through optical reading codes of the QR code type printed on the label of the product packaging; the Consumer, by simply framing it with the camera of his smartphone, will be able to access a digital media kit where he will find all the augmented information (from production, to environmental sustainability processes, etc., in the form of videos, images, texts, audio, links to third party sites, and more that the seller wants to put in) as well as the direct purchase button through (e-selling) or the redirection to the company e-commerce, if it exists.

The idea of ​​the digital label designed as a "new media" or digital "media kit" for the insertion of augmented contents greatly supports the marketing of quality products for which the consumer is constantly looking for information.
At the same time it creates a simplification in the purchasing process which, with the e-selling product-by-product function , allows you to create orders from the this while you are tasting or having it at home.

Our company owns the software for the creation of these new digital media, which can be visited at, and it can serve you best for the communication needs that you want to participate in.

The service offered to companies in the market sector, therefore, is carried out through the sale of the services of the Addplus platform, therefore of the web software account for the creation of new digital media or also through the combination of this with direct customer assistance for the design and creation of the aforementioned new media and therefore of the digital labels for the products.
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