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BRA-BREVETTEC is a representative company for European companies in Brazil, mainly of industrial machinery for the pharmaceutical industry.
We have been in Brazil for 21 years, always guaranteeing our Brazilian customers the highest quality and technology in products and services.
The companies we represent are related to the following sectors: pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetic, chemical, food and beverages, among others.
Over the years, BREVETTEC has been dedicated to a common goal: "To offer customers quality mascchinery, reliable service and competitive prices".
Currently, we also have a large selection of companies manufacturing machinery and process equipment for the pharmaceutical sector in BRAZIL, capable of serving large, medium and small customers.
Some of the companies represented:
CONVEL ( Italian Firm of visual machines for liquids, powders, parenteral bags and strips),
COMAS (Italian company of filling machines for liquids, solids and semisolids),
DELAMA (Italian company of steam, dry, hot and ETO sterilization machines with hydrogen peroxide).
VALMATIC (Italian company of single-dose forming machines),
VALDOSE (Brazilian company and bottling of monodoses, outsourcing)
And many others....
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